Monday, January 14, 2019

Michigan State Park Centennial Celebration

The Michigan State Park System made a big announcement today! Their Michigan State Park Centennial Website has gone live! 


The announcement kicks off a yearlong centennial celebration for the inception of our State Park System. A year of reliving memories, centennial celebrations and even a Geotour! That's right! Scroll to the bottom of the screen because the State Parks, in conjunction with MIGO, has something special planned!

MIGO (Michigan Geocaching Organization) has been hard at work to setup Michigan's first Geotour, kicking off Memorial Weekend and spanning 3 years.
The tour will consist of 100 fun and interesting caches, 25 in each MiGO region.  Achieving 20 of 25 finds in any region will net you a nice, regional pathtag.  Achieving 20 of 25 finds in three of the four regions will net you a nice GeoCoin from the DNR.  Achieving 20 of 25 finds in all four regions will net you a special gold GeoCoin from the DNR.  Finding all 100 caches in the GeoTour will get you recognition from Geocaching HQ. [MIGO Website]
I'm SO excited to have a Geotour in state - so much so I sponsored a geocache on the tour. Plans are already underway to enjoy and conquer the tour this summer. And I'm SO impressed with the changes MIGO has made in the last year that I finally doled out for a supporting membership.

It's shaping up like an amazing year ahead!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Treasure Chest Geo-Art

Look what's publishing now! Commander Overlord published a new GeoArt near Superior Township.

Here's cache #1. TaGeez and I are enjoying solving them at our leisure.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Searching for Challenge Caches

A dear friend of mine emailed me - she wanted to know how to pull a list of challenge caches from Here is my quick and easy pull, but be aware. Premium members have better filtering rights than Basic members.

1. Access and execute a search for the State or Region you are interested in.
2. After executing your search (notice the 34,503 results for Michigan), click the Filters button.

3. In the Filters window, deselect all but the Mystery Geocache Type.  This will prevent inclusion of other caches in your query (like a Traditional called "This is a challenge!")
4. Enter the keyword challenge in the Geocache Name Contains... field.
5. (Optional) Select I haven't found to exclude your found caches.
6. (Optional) Select I don't own to exclude caches hidden by you.
7. Click the Search button (or Update Search button, if you are updating your query) to execute your search.

Your search results now appear. Notice we went from 34,503 to 346 results in Michigan (for me).

Trackable FTF Swag

Ooh, my order came in from I.B. Geocaching Supplies!

Unactivated but trackable FTF buttons for my new caches!
That should be a nice surprise for my finders :)

Check out I.B. Geocaching Supplies from Nova Scotia. 
Unique geocoins, geomedals, trackable ornaments and buttons.
Path tags, t-shirts, banners, and wooden nickels.
They have weekly contests, too.

I've added them to my Fave Sites list on the right.
Happy Caching!

Monday, January 7, 2019

366 Puzzle Grid Challenge

Yesterday I listed the 366 Puzzle Grid Challenge under my geo-resolutions. 

I discovered it on November 4th and decided this was just the ticket for me! Now that has pretty much castrated challenge caches, putting too many limitations to it and killing the joy, this has added extra flavor to our daily caching.

And TaGeez has embraced it with me.

Started this November 4th - drat! 1 day too late

We made some great headway!

My hope is to complete it within a year, and, then, who knows? Maybe a new challenge will appear in Southeastern Michigan. Until then, there are challenges in several nearby states and countries.

Here's a quick checker - how're you doing? 


Sunday, January 6, 2019

And So Wraps Another Year...

It's the end of 2018 with a great start to 2019. We know how to celebrate in Southeastern Michigan.

Team Gates held his annual New Year's Eve Flash Mob. Between the Monday midday meet and the downpour, only the diehards were out there freezing.

I'm the lady in red!

And then we migrated to Frito's house for jigsaw puzzles, appetizers and ringing in the New Year in his gorgeous library!

Getting ready for the countdown

Geocachers know how to party!
Captain O's crew, Citocacher, SCOOK and Oneforfortytwo

Getting the bubbly ready
Hawaii Vi, PaRaDiZ, Warrior Princess, afishoutofwater and me!

Ooh, swag bags! LOVE IT!

We were back on the road early Tuesday morning for Glenn's 10th Annual Happy New Year event. 

We hid 15 along the Woodward Heights Corridor

Great turnout of almost 200 geocachers enjoying the 388 new caches published. 

Hanging with MamaJoyce

We had a shorter day than normal (to go pickup my Dad, Poplob), but we still managed 15 FTFs along Hayes! Thank you, Ramblin' Rumble and BWY Gang! And thank you to for two more souvenirs for my profile!


Carni Grewal (who is quite the character) asked, on his You Might Be a Geocaching Stats Junkie If group, "What is your stats goad for 2019?" Mine are off to a good start!
  • Pass 2500 days in my Cache-a-day streak - DONE!
  • Pass 7 years in my Cache-a-day streak
  • Complete my 366 Puzzle Grid
  • Complete my 12 months of Virtuals challenge
  • FINALLY complete my first Fizzy