Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bright Treasures in a Box

What is shaped like a box?
Comes in all sizes?
Filled with papers with names on it?
And colorful swag?
And is listed on an official website and located via coordinates?


Look at the variety! We filled 13 libraries so far!

HAHA! Funny how that description sounds so familiar! Though, if you think about it, it's not much different than geocaching. One of them even had a log in it (to sign your name & add book recommendations).

This past weekend members of Team Free Range Lobsters held a garage sale to clear out PopLob's house. Lo and behold! We are all readers, and, afterwards, there were so many books left over. So we converted my geomobile into a bookmobile....

And TaGeez and I have spent the last few days making book deposits into random library exchanges throughout Metro Detroit!

So it makes total sense that geocachers have been known to use LFLs as cache locations. This one (below) is in Taylor. And TaGeez and I found several very memorable ones on our road trip to Georgia last Summer - specifically Newport, KY and Charleston, WV. Both communities were funky and fabulous - just like my hometown Ferndale!

Speaking of caches at LFLs, this one made me laugh today. TaGeez and I pulled up to do a random deposit at a library in Palmer Woods, when TaGeez cracked, "I see the geocache from here!" 

And he could! We pulled up the official app and there it was! Except when we found it several years ago, it was tucked in the bushes. Guess you don't have to worry about your cache being muggled in one of the most expensive communities in the US!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Our Ducks in a Row

Look! We have all our ducks in a row for the HQ Duck Dash!

Our ducks represent 3 of the 7 sins: greed, lust and wrath! 

Click the blog link and check out the details!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Wanna see my froggy? He's a Signal of great things!

Aren't these fabulous!?!?! Introduced at MOGA 2016, these trackable medals were made available to the (qualifying) public by the AFK Geocaching Group of Cincinnati.

I thought, since TaGeez and I each completed a challenge near and dear to our hearts within the last year, this would be the perfect souvenir for an amazing task completed!

I ordered the JASMER medal for myself and the 366 medal for TaGeez. Both took years to accomplish, and this is our little fanfare of our completion.

Plus, with the summer Olympics about to start and MWGB's Sports theme this year, we will now have something to wear!

Monday, June 13, 2016

A River Walk on the Wild Side

Saturday was Get Outdoors Day! Find a cache or attend an event for a special souvenir! We had a blast on the Detroit Riverwalk!

Originally the souvenir was for a U.S. cache or a U.S. event, so TaGeez & I decided to host an event on the Detroit Riverwalk to help our Canadian counterparts (the Detroit River divides Michigan and Windsor, Ontario). After a lot of flack about the "U.S.-Only restriction" Geocaching.com opened it up to a cache or event anywhere in the world.

That's one HOT DOG - 100 degrees!
We weren't sure if anyone was going to attend as June is a hard month for an event - especially on a Saturday. Graduation parties, picnics, garage sales, vacations - so many of our friends and family were out of town. Combine that with the chance of storms which dissipated into 100 degree heat!

Luckily we had some shade and a lovely breeze off the river. The kind of breeze that carried our bubbles away! They were our gift to pass the time until the group picture. 

Such a cutie!
LOL - our picture is a few cachers short because eM-Burr hid some caches for the event and they published! Several of our friends couldn't help themselves and slipped off for the FTFs (that's OK - they were event FTFs so we all claimed them!). Thank you, eM-Burr!

After raffling off a Tin Cup trackable (the Muggle won it - of course!), we broke for the day and headed for the event caches. 

We teamed up with the Tuttles (Hooked On U) for the rest of the day: 3 FTFs, 2 historic cemeteries, 2 Heidelberg caches, a WDIV cache, and ending with dinner in Mexicantown.

100 degrees out! The water looked so good I couldn't help but join the kids - woot!

This one was a hoot! This is eM-Burr Waz Here - Detroit GC6K40T. The four of us were groping this digital sign, and, unbeknownst to us, AllThingsParacord (who couldn't attend because he had to work) was snapping pictures of us from work! I told him to log the event - he was obviously nearby!

After caching some nearby cemeteries with JKBaily, we headed to the Heidelberg Project for some fun! This is {GHQ} Heidelberg Redux GC2GA9Y, one of the "Geocaches of the Week".  Quick find by Hooked On U!

The Heidelberg Project in an urban art project in downtown Detroit. It has a little bit of everything...

{Source: Tracy Tuttle}

Hey, you! Get outdoors! There is so much to see and experience!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

First Touchdown!

What fun! This trackable was released 14 months ago in Germany with a goal of visiting all 32 NFL stadiums. TaGeez and I, along with Hooked On U, took it Ford Field yesterday - it's very first stadium!


Thursday, June 9, 2016

48 States in a Week - an epic road trip

Hey, have you seen this? This past Sunday 4 geocachers left Maine and started a 7 day, 7700 mile trip to cache in each of the lower 48 states. WOW!

I've been watching, fascinated, by this adventure. They are posting their statuses on Facebook and on their website. Last stop is New Buffalo, Michigan on Saturday - hope they make it to their event Michigan or Bust! Admittedly, if I wasn't hosting my own event that day, I'd drive out there to meet them! So jealous!

What is your fantasy road trip?

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Travel Ingot Geocoin TB6AQ9V

This is no ordinary trackable - this is one you have to work for!

Tonight was the second time I've had The Travel Ingot Geocoin in my hands, but this time we were successful! Travel ingot? It doesn't look like an ingot. Oh, no. It's not that easy.

Owned by RDC4106, this goodie has been making the rounds at the local events. It's a 'Find It' toy - one end lists the 40 miniature items concealed within the beads (you shake it up to find each one). But RDC has added a 41st object - a miniature gold ingot from CoinsAndPins.com.  To discover the trackable, you must find the ingot and collect the code.

Look at The Little Cutie helping us out! Definitely showing some skill as a problem solver!

Eventually, the ingot made it's way to the top (no spoilers here - the actual trackable number is on the back of the object).

Hey, speaking of "cuties" - check out The Little Cutie with this sweet Pumpkin! Too cute for words!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Get Outdoor and (River) Walk

June is Get Outdoor Month. If you are in the Detroit-area a week from today, come join us!