Monday, June 13, 2016

A River Walk on the Wild Side

Saturday was Get Outdoors Day! Find a cache or attend an event for a special souvenir! We had a blast on the Detroit Riverwalk!

Originally the souvenir was for a U.S. cache or a U.S. event, so TaGeez & I decided to host an event on the Detroit Riverwalk to help our Canadian counterparts (the Detroit River divides Michigan and Windsor, Ontario). After a lot of flack about the "U.S.-Only restriction" opened it up to a cache or event anywhere in the world.

That's one HOT DOG - 100 degrees!
We weren't sure if anyone was going to attend as June is a hard month for an event - especially on a Saturday. Graduation parties, picnics, garage sales, vacations - so many of our friends and family were out of town. Combine that with the chance of storms which dissipated into 100 degree heat!

Luckily we had some shade and a lovely breeze off the river. The kind of breeze that carried our bubbles away! They were our gift to pass the time until the group picture. 

Such a cutie!
LOL - our picture is a few cachers short because eM-Burr hid some caches for the event and they published! Several of our friends couldn't help themselves and slipped off for the FTFs (that's OK - they were event FTFs so we all claimed them!). Thank you, eM-Burr!

After raffling off a Tin Cup trackable (the Muggle won it - of course!), we broke for the day and headed for the event caches. 

We teamed up with the Tuttles (Hooked On U) for the rest of the day: 3 FTFs, 2 historic cemeteries, 2 Heidelberg caches, a WDIV cache, and ending with dinner in Mexicantown.

100 degrees out! The water looked so good I couldn't help but join the kids - woot!

This one was a hoot! This is eM-Burr Waz Here - Detroit GC6K40T. The four of us were groping this digital sign, and, unbeknownst to us, AllThingsParacord (who couldn't attend because he had to work) was snapping pictures of us from work! I told him to log the event - he was obviously nearby!

After caching some nearby cemeteries with JKBaily, we headed to the Heidelberg Project for some fun! This is {GHQ} Heidelberg Redux GC2GA9Y, one of the "Geocaches of the Week".  Quick find by Hooked On U!

The Heidelberg Project in an urban art project in downtown Detroit. It has a little bit of everything...

{Source: Tracy Tuttle}

Hey, you! Get outdoors! There is so much to see and experience!

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