Sunday, July 31, 2011

Playing Hookie Today!

Ok, I confess.  I was not quilting today.  I needed exercise.  I needed sunlight & Vitamin D.  I needed laughter with the family.  So, when my brother & sister-in-law called, I had my shoes on.  

My day consisted of a wheelman, a lookout, a partner in not-really-a-crime, world's largest stove, rattlesnake habitat, caches, Bonobo the monkey, a bunny, a Sandhill crane, a fen, a sundial plaza, a tunnel under a pond, a forgotten Eagle Scout footbridge, 1 wild goose chase, 2 wild turkeys, 3 hot air balloons, 150+ year old hotel/restaurant, and lots & lots of laughter.  So, what did you do today?

My family went geocaching and waymarking today at Indian Springs and Kensington Metroparks.  It was simply amazing and exhausting!  I thought I'd share some random photos from today:

World's Largest Stove - Michigan State Fairgrounds

FTF!  Forgotten Eagle Scout Bridge at Kensington Metropark

SO many paths - thankfully SO many benches too!

Is this a cool sun dial or what?  Indian Springs Metropark

Tunnel leads under the pond at the Discovery Center - Indian Springs  Metropark

Rockin' Robyn, Mr. Energy and Little Brother at The Fen - Indian Spring Metropark

Mr. Energy doesn't look amused

Thank you Rockin' Robyn, Little Brother and Mr. Energy for an awesome day out!  Now, off to bed - I may be gettin' too old for this!


Ask me about Geocaching and Waymarking!  My stats are on the sidebar - woot!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tawas City (or Why I Need A Nap to Survive My Stay-cation!)


Yep, that's me!  Yesterday was Day 2 of my stay-cation, and I spent it in the very beautiful coastal town of Tawas City, Michigan on Lake Huron.  In the mighty green dynamo, my rag tag band of family trekked north to enjoy all that is American this holiday weekend:
  • great food at Mr. Jack'ss, treats at the Village Chocolatier and ended the day with ice cream at Marion's
  • beautiful scenery (and the occasional lightning flash) at Tawas Point and Tawas Point lighthouse

  • fabulous shopping downtown and in the quilt shops - more later on that
  • geocaching on the rocks and the beaches - see my sister-in-laws blog on THAT adventure! There was blood involved.

  • and, obviously, putt-putt golf at Hubie's Wondergolf (I tied for first!)

On this voyage was (top) OriginalRager, Wikid Kriket, myself,  Rockin' Robyn, (bottom) Mr. Energy and Little Brother. 
They let us loose on Tawas City and we had clubs! 

If you have the chance to travel to the Tawas area, you must stop at Bayview Calicos in Au Gres on the way.  What a delightful surprise!  It's a little cottage tucked along the highway.  Inside, you'll find many patterns (including Australian embroidery), bolts & bolts of fabrics (black & whites, batiks, Christmas, 30's, patriotic), a good notions wall, kits, many samples (LOVE the series of applique lighthouses), and all the do-dads & trinkets you love discovering on quilt shop shelves!  The owner's daughter gave me the grand tour and was a lot of fun to talk to.  Conveniently, I had plenty of time to explore as my family was focused on the geocache hidden outside!

There's also the Cotton Patch Quilt Shoppe in the heart of Tawas City - wools, kits, and antiques, mostly.

I think one of the most awesome parts of the trip was heading home late at night - as we drove the 3.5 hours back towards Detroit, we saw fireworks display after fireworks display along the highway.  Best seats in the house!

Happy Independence weekend!

p.s. This was my favorite day so far this year!  Thanks everyone!