Thursday, December 7, 2017

Little Caesars Arena - and she scores!

Awesome day in downtown Detroit today!

Our Sales Enablement Team went on a tour of the new Little Caesar's Arena  - home of the Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Pistons - as part of our end of year holiday celebration!

An hour and a half of visiting boxes, exploring new heights at the gondolas and walking the concourse - a little village. Some of the boxes are the same square footage of my house!

Unfortunately, it wasn't a home game so we didn't get to see the Red Wings practice and today the ice was covered for a concert, but it was still an excellent time.

Afterwards we moseyed to Kid Rock's Made in Detroit eatery for some Michigan goodness. This restaurant is built into the Little Caesar's complex.

After a heavenly Corned Beef Reuben and fried McClure pickles, Krissy Lou and I had to take the stage to celebrate the end of another successful year!

After everyone headed home, I double backed for my cache-a-day. This one was released 15 months ago and only had a shared first-to-find! Luckily construction is now minimal, and I was able to mosey over for a quick second-to-find - woot! Perfect cache for today, eh?

I spied this new mural on my way back to the car.

Let's go Red Wings!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Geocaching Road Trip 2015 Trackable

They say the uglier the trackable the less likely it will go missing...

TaGeez and I were doing maintenance and found this lonely in one of my geocaches. It had been there for quite awhile so we took pity to move it along. It looks small in the picture, but it's a 6" 6 pound pulley. Holy crap! What do we do with it now?

I may be in need of an adventure soon....



For you, is it sometimes about the numbers? Join Carni Grewal's

You Might Be a Geocaching Stats Junkie if... group.

Share your passion with a group of like-minded numbers weirdos.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Cache Maintenance Musings

It's 9pm and 63° in Michigan! I'm not complaining. It's perfect weather for TaGeez and I to take a stroll. Goal for tonight is cache maintenance between 11 and 12 Mile. We also need to plan for HNY18.

Interesting, though. We've trekked up and down Campbell, maintaining a stretch at a time. Several times we've found throw-down containers right next to our originals. Several times the containers are entirely new to us.

I know some cache owners are too uptight - they check the paper logs against the online logs and will delete "couch Cachers". Life is too short for that for me. I figure everybody plays the game their own way.

I guess my only pet peeves are new caches logging "it must be missing." That experienced, eh? I have over 8,000 finds and rarely blame the cache. It normally takes another trip or two before I acknowledge it.

Groundspeak made some changes to their dashboard which is supposed to help hiders. I miss the old old dashboard that listed caches the Needs Maintenance. Don't make me hunt through the attributes. What are you hiding?

Oh, well. It was still a good night for a walk. I hope we have a few more before we settle in for the Winter.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

TB Scan - iPhone App

Cleaning out my blog folder I realized these images have been sitting in my to do file for too long...

Have you heard of the TB Scan app?

I believe it was DarrylW4 who shared this with me back in the summer. It's a free iPhone-only app that allows you to scan and mass log trackables and geocoins.

I was very interested in this app as I'm a bit of a trackable fanatic. How cool to scan and go, eh? Sometimes afishoutawater, CITOcacher or The Frito Bandito will show to an event with a bagful? How awesome to go to Midwest Geobash and log as you go? 

First things first... download the app and sign in using your credentials. Once you login, you can Discover or Log trackables.  Discover allows you to lookup/Discover scanned trackables and Log allows you to lookup the mission and log (Retrieve, Discover, Grab, or Write Note) individually.


You can scan or manually enter the trackable code. On the plus side, when it recognizes a code, it is awesome! On the down side, I found that it didn't recognize most. According to their help page, contrast, font and character spacing can inhibit code recognition.  Out of the 10 I tried (dog tags and geocoins), the app only scanned 3.

I do like how clear the mission information appears (though if I'm scanning a lot of them, who has time to read them for a Discovery?). When ready, click Log.

Options, where applicable, under Log include Discover, Retrieve, Grab and Write Note.

One thing that gets my geek on is the ability to save a log template under Settings. Unfortunately....

.... that nifty feature is only part of the PRO version. 

Not sure with the scan fail rate I would be willing to pay to dole out $3. Have you tried it?


I'm not quite to that episode yet but check out afishoutawater and DarrylW4 discussing trackable tools on a recent GeoGearHeads episode 307.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Friday, November 24, 2017

Shiny New FTF Prizes - WikidKriket Originals

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these swanky FTF prizes designed and made by WikidKriket!

Getting ready to put out the next Uncle Julian geocache, and we tucked one of these prizes in the cache container. 

Limited edition! Get them while they are hot!

What cool FTF prizes have you crossed paths with?

Thursday, November 23, 2017

DEFINITELY Winter Friendly

My geocache published! 

A Thanksgiving gift from myself and TaGeez because we are thankful for all the wonderful friends we've made Geocaching!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

New Light Up My Life

Out on the beautiful trails with TaGeez today. Lovely hidden park in Birmingham, Michigan. We were excited to find an ammo can until TaGeez opened it and dumped all the water out. See how close to the river it is? 

We were hoping to give or new Cryket flashlights for a spin, but it wasn't dark enough yet. These should be great now that it's darker earlier - geocaching and nightly walks! 

The head twists so you can use it as a forward-facing light, magnetized bottom, and sturdy clips.

• High-power 250 lumen LED spot light
• High-power 240 lumen C•O•B flood light
• High-power 15 lumen C•O•B red light

It has a nice heft to it but small enough to carry in a Winter coat pocket or pocket.

Ready for some night caching!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Shout out to Cachly!

In all honestly, I have not been the biggest Cachly fan in the past. Geocaching Classic and Geosphere were instrumental in my 2000+ day cache-a-day streak.  My two biggest criticisms of Cachly is the response time (C'mon! Open! Open! Open!) and the pale interface (the poor font does not stand out from the background - yes, I just had my eyes checked and my eyesight is deemed perfect).

Periodically, I will give Cachly another chance (especially with rumor that GeoSphere will die with the next iOS update) so when I had - not one but two - AHA moments, I have to share in all fairness.

FTF Flag

The Frito Bandito said he was on a road trip and opened the app in his hotel. The nearest cache had an FTF Flag, and he was able to nab a first-to-find in a new state. When TaGeez and I went on an FTF fun last month, I opened the app for a looksie. There it was! That's not found in the other iPhone apps!

Log a Trackable

Ok, the ability to log a trackable in a cache is nothing new. But in the Cachly app, you can log a trackable into a cache without having to log a Note on the geocache first! Why is this remarkable? Before I send a trackable out into the world, I will dip it into my nearby Fantastic Ferndale cache to start the mileage. Now I can dip it into there without adding yet another "TB Drop" note to the cache page!

This ability is found under the Options menu (three dots in the upper right corner) and selecting Log a Trackable. I know ShelleyJean is going to appreciate this!

Two cheers for Cachly! Now, can we discuss your font selection and coloring?

Monday, November 6, 2017

Marooned Without a Compass Day

November 6th is Marooned Without a Compass Day. No source for its creation, it begs several philosophical questions.

However, to make this geocache-related... what are your best tricks if you are lost in the woods without a compass or GPS? How many of you know how to use a compass? Any of you still use one?

And is it appropriate to wish someone a "Happy Marooned Without a Compass Day?"

Sunday, November 5, 2017

#GIFF 2017 and Wallabee Passport

Roll 'em!

TaGeez and I attended Captain O's Geocaching International Film Festival in downtown Royal Oak. There was some good, some indifferent, some huhs. My personal highlights included DarrylW4's cameo in the prelude (he was blushingly humble 3 rows behind me as all cheered) and the film short Geocaching is Free (I can commiserate). 

Darryl handed me a new trackable to move - Wallabee: The Passport! Owned by MunzeeWallabee is a collecting, trading and forwarding game on your iPhone and Android. I'm scrapcat there, too!


He brought it back from Going Caching 2017 and handed it to me for moving along! It was sent out from Munzee HQ by Mr V, the President of Munzee, himself!

TaGeez and I have added our stamps and, hopefully, we'll snap a picture of it at Ford Field (it's mission).

This passport has given me a great idea for a trackable of my own!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Find It in Medina County Geocoin and Pathtag

We have completed several lovely geotours in Ohio, and I find the administrators have been very helpful. The only hardship, unless they are willing to mail (like Butler County), is the difficulty in acquiring the actual coin. Most only have hours Monday - Friday -- not conducive during a weekend road trip.  Luckily, Medina County has an agreement with the Super 8 on Montville Drive. The hotel is cheap but not bad, and they have lots and lots of coins on hand. 

The geocoin is in the shape of the county. 

And the back has the courthouse steeple from downtown Medina. Great souvenir to another successful adventure!

Monday, October 30, 2017

We Found it in Medina County and then Canton.

Sunday rolled around and found us without a set plan. We weren't sure how long the "Fi... iMC" geotrail would take so we didn't want to over schedule the next day.  All-in-all, we probably could've completed it in about 6 hours if we hadn't dilly-dallied (and enjoyed each stop) the prior day.  

After dinner at Sully's, we had attempted a favorited geocache on the common but the final was too far to drive after such a long day. No GC given here - don't want to give a spoiler, but I will tell you that Sunday morning found us at a stunning final located within the Cleveland Metropark: Hinckley Reservation.  Cache or no cache - this is a breathtaking reprieve from civilization. It dictated our agenda for the rest of the day.

We had been alongside Hinckley Lake last night - it was the last geocache in the series. As it was dark, we didn't see much at the site of the famous vernal return of the turkey buzzardsWe will have to return on March 15th next year to attend the annual breakfast and festival. With time to enjoy it, we decided to explore the rest of Hinckley Lake. 

What's '"UP" GC6M3CC

We drove around the metropark, grabbed a few geocaches and took many pictures. There is trail hiking, kayaking, and camping here.

Lucky for us there is great signage here, and ShelleyJean spotted the Wordens Ledges Loop Trail on the map.
Wordens Ledges Loop Trail - 1.0 miles. This wooded trail winds through moss and fern covered ledges to reveal carvings made by Noble Stuart in the 1940's.

Follow the white traill

The trail was advertised as a mile long, but we never finished the loop. We were distracted by these wonderful ledges. First TaGeez disappeared over the side and then ShelleyJean. 

I meandered down a different path to the lower ledges. I kept thinking to myself as I clambered over leaf-covered rocks and roots that TaGeez "will be so surprised"! Even afraid of heights, I had no choice but to go down - he had texted up a picture of one of the carvings, and I was doubly determined to see them for myself!

The picture does not do justice to the steep ascent

The Sphinx was the first one I came upon - WOW! 

The Sphinx

"Worden's Ledges, comprised of Sharon Conglomerate Sandstone, is tucked back in the forest beyond the fields behind the homestead. Noble Stuart, a retired bricklayer, began carving into the ledges shortly after he married Nettie [Worden] in 1944." 

SuzyJazz Hits 10K GC44DY0

Bear eating a man's head

Noble was Nettie's third husband, and all three husbands lived on the Worden estate in their own time.


We ran into several sets of hikers here to explore the carvings. TaGeez is explaining geocaching to this young couple while ShelleyJean was making new friends topside. 

TaGeez with Ty Cobb

Topside we explore the remains of the Worden property before heading South towards Canton.

For the record, we did find the geocache here. It was, IMHO, the best stop in the trip. I agree with SJ, though - SuzyJazz Hits 10K GC44DY0 was not a fitting name for this amazing location. There's nothing in the cache name or description that tells of the amazing "graffiti" located at the bottom of the trail.

Heading towards Canton, we detoured for a quick Virtual. Nice surprise rounding the corner and seeing this big fellah!

Indian Chiefs Virtual GCCAE1
And then, finally, Canton, Ohio and the William McKinley's Presidential Library, Museum and Monument.

History Lesson GC6W10G
100 steps up later....

Thanks to geocaching, TaGeez and I have had the opportunity to visit several presidents final resting places including James Garfield, John Kennedy, Zachary Taylor, James Monroe, John Tyler and now William McKinley.

After the McKinley monument, we headed next door to the Football Hall of Fame for pictures. Ever heard of it?

But first, a short detour to a little structure lining a small stream in Stadium Park. The Timken Estate Gatehouse is all that remains of the palatial estate of the Canton Industrialist, H.H. Timken, H.H. Timken was co-founder of the Timken Roller Bearing and Axle Company in 1899, and his home plus grounds were donated by the Timken Foundation in 1950 as the new site of Mercy Hospital.

Despite the frowns on their faces, TaGeez and ShelleyJean did find the geocache on the riverside!

Gateway's to History TB Hotel GC4ZT1H
We ended our adventure further up the hill for a quick photo op at the Football Hall of Fame. Look at all the American Flags! 

Football Hall of Fame - Canton, OH

Another amazing adventure full of color and friendship and history. Can't wait to see where the next roadtrip takes us!