Monday, November 30, 2015

The Revenant Trackables

Did you hear about this?

In association with, movie props from the movie, The Revenant, are being released into the world as Trackables.

I'd like to stay positive, but ugly Trackables go missing all the time. How long will movie props last? Crossing my fingers at least one makes it to Detroit.

20th Century Fox - send it to me! I'll release it into the wilds of Detroit for you! #TheRevenant

Challenge Cache Survey!

Deadline: December 21st! just posted their survey to determine the fate of challenge caches! You have just 3 weeks to post your opinions!

#BringBackTheChallengeCache! I love the thrill of this chase!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Hiding: What They Don't Tell You on

We've all read's rules & regulations for hiding caches (wink - wink), but here's a few pieces of basic advice for painfree hiding from the Southeastern Michigan Geocaching Group.

What they don't tell you on

Check your coordinates via Google Earth or Google Maps - satellite view before creating the cache page. Of the last 4 local caches published by new hiders: 1 was 2 miles off, 2 were 1/2 mile off, and today's was 500 ft off.  By taking that extra step, you can see if you're even in the ballpark! Such a simple step to save the FTF'ers time, gas money and good will!

Missed the ballpark completely!

Hide the cache BEFORE clicking Submit Cache - not 2 or 3 days later.  Once you click Submit, you will typically see the message "due to the busy season, your cache could take 7-10 days for review".  However, we've seen them published as quickly as 10 minutes! Hide first!

Don't disappoint Fiona!

Don't confuse the First-to-Finders! If your friends sign the log while helping you hide, please mark an obvious spot for the FTF'ers. Nothing is more confusing than showing up minutes after publication to find ink already on a log.

Signed and dated two weeks before cache submission?

Rubberbands as a hanging tool will not survive a Michigan winter. Or an Arizona summer.... a Florida spring... or a California fall....

Would you want to geocache there? Don't hide in a spot you wouldn't want to cache in. Bad ideas: trashy, broken glass, no parking, uncomfortably close to an office window, next to a very busy bus stop. Unless it's your property, stay off private property.

Nice spot for a turtle-shaped cache

At least 528 feet means at least 528 feet. If your hide is too close to another, don't fudge the numbers because you will get busted.

I'm sure with the next new cache notifications we'll discover new items to add to this list! Happy hiding!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Cache Hunter is WHOLE!

Several months ago I messaged, hoping I could buy a replacement backpack for Cache Hunter. No response.  Bummed because I can't find a manufacturer on the packaging or online, I made a last ditch effort by posting on the forum.

Lo and behold! Markstafari, a lackey, messaged me and said one was on the way!  Woo hoo! It arrived today!

Cache Hunter is whole again! It's ridiculous how happy this makes me!  

It means a great deal to me that takes such care of their members. I'm not letting Cache Hunter out of my sight again!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday Geo-Humor

#OptOutside with Puzzler26

TaGeez and I picked a Puzzler26 Multi for today's fun! The Decoder (Presidential Series #37) GC5Z9EJ. Well worth the Fave point!

Exploring Cleveland - America's Comeback City

I can't believe it's already been a week since my sister, WikidKriket, and I explored Cleveland.  It is our annual birthday adventure, and we had a hoot!

Although this trip was not primarily a geocaching adventure, there are some fabulous geocaches in the vicinity.

Check out last year's adventures exploring the Cleveland

In the area and caching with a Muggle? There's more to Cleveland than meets the eye! I must admit I have a new-found respect for "America's Comeback City".

Paines Creek Waterfalls. After a 3 hour drive in a rented clown car, this Detroit duo started our day in Painesville, OH, to check our the Paines Creek Waterfall. We were surprised last year by the number of stunning waterfalls in the area - not something you'd associate with a large urban city. I'm determined to visit the Brandywine Falls next year!

Falls at Paine's Hollow GCG98P

scrapcat and WikidKriket

Lake View Cemetery. Of course, nothing shouts "Happy Birthday, Sister!" like a trip to a cemetery! Lake View Cemetery is absolutely stunning. Known as "Cleveland's Outdoor Museum", it is an amazing collection of Golden Age funerary art and architecture. Although it was a few weeks past the prime Fall colors, we had a breathtaking day framed with blue skies and golden leaves.

Our only disappointment on the trip. The President's mausoleum had closed the day before for the season.

President James A. Garfield Mausoleum
After reading about it on Roadside America, we had to snap a picture of this one. How many mausoleums have you seen with a "Welcome" mat?

No trip is complete without a stop to Haserot's Angel. But this year, with Kriket's for the find, we avenged our DNF!

Angle's Right Wing Friends GC2JAMA

With the clock ticking, we almost gave up hope on finding the Evans' Memorial.  Tucked away in an offshoot art nouveau section of the cemetery, we were led to the spot by two elderly wood sprites disguised as an elderly couple walking their dog.

Little Italy. One of my coworkers, a local, said you cannot visit Cleveland without a trip to Little Italy. Located just outside of Lake View Cemetery, we could smell the amazing food piped from Mama Santa's the moment we rounded the corner.  Such amazing food in a quaint, spirited neighborhood.

Garlic bread, Antipasto Salad, Manicotti and Canelloni
We were warned not to leave the area without stopping across the street at Corbo's Bakery for freshly-filled cannolis.  Of course, we could not stop at one!

Corbo's Bakery - Little Italy

Tremont Neighborhood. To work off the amazing food, we cruised over to Cleveland's Tremont neighborhood for a walk along 11th Street.  What is that? Looks familiar? Did you know the house from the movie A Christmas Story is here?

Electric sex gleaming in the window

Cleveland Museum of Art. As night has rolled in and the temperatures are dropping (first snow of the season tomorrow), Kriket and I headed towards the Cleveland Museum of Art. We had a delightful detour through downtown Cleveland past the Hope Memorial Bridge and around the Terminal Tower (already decked out for the holidays).

The Museum is located in Cleveland's University Circle Cultural District.  Nearby interests include the Cleveland Botanical Gardens, Cleveland's Museum of Natural History, Cleveland's Institute of Music, Severance Hall and the Glidden House. 

Gallery One - a great place to start!
One very fascinating aspect of this free museum are the technological toys.  We had a lot of fun playing with the interactive screens.

Who do we look like? Did they nail it?

Thousands of swirling images. Click one to enlarge.

Pan out for some mischief

My favorite little fellah! He looks up to no good!

The Armory. Reminds you of Bedknobs and Broomsticks, right?
There was a slight breeze that made the flags flutter.

Our first attempt at #museumofselfies

Connecting the old and the new. Glassed enclosure connecting the new
wing with the 1916 structure. 

We're definitely intending another trip in the Spring to see the Pharaoh exhibit! Another excuse to revisit Little Italy and maybe locate Eliot Ness's grave in Lake View. Add some time for the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame plus the aquarium and the zoo..... Who knew Cleveland had so much to offer?

*P.S. Right now I'm hating Blogspot.  Why is all the text stuck in "center" position? That's not how I formatted it. AARGH!!!! And fixing it won't stick! Cleveland rocks but Blogspot doesn't!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Pachyderm Headstone!

TaGeez and I made a slight detour on the way to Thanksgiving dinner - White Lake Cemetery (established 1856).  How cool is this? A pachyderm headstone a few hundred feet from a Star Trek stone.  Pretty cool, eh?

SQ Where is My Mummy?

The actual cache was pretty fun, also.  Amazing nobody has noticed this little fella up in the tree.

Happy Thanksgiving!

#OptOutside on Black Friday

I'm a big supporter of REI's #OptOutside campaign! I just wish they included geocaching on their list of activities!

Monday, November 23, 2015

End to Another Geocaching Adventure 2015

Here's to another fabulous year of geocaching in the Huron Metroparks!

But as rewarding as this little path tag is... it's nothing compared to the memories of having fun with members of Team Free Range Lobsters: scrapcat, TaGeez, WikidKriket, SnakeyLicks and Fiona-the-wonder-geo-puppy.

After visiting 13 Huron Metroparks, grabbing codes and logging smileys, season 2015 is in the bag! Time for a victory ice cream!

Victory Ice Cream!