Thursday, November 12, 2015

(Unofficial) Cache Owner of the Year - Madison Heights Edition

HAHA - meant to share this the other day.

TaGeez and I stopped at a nearby cache called Don't Mind the 'Muggles', and we were a little leery about getting out of the car because there were Muggles (in America, called "No-Maj"*) everywhere!
*New Harry Potter film reference

Well, we walked up to the VERY obvious hiding spot and were stumped.  This D/T 1.5/1.5 cache was a little... er... unreachable (terrain has since been changed). There's no way either of us could shimmy up this flimsy sign, and we had no appropriate tools to access the container from the top. It was wedged in there.

As we were wondering what to do.. what to do…. (especially with all these eyes on us) on this dead-end street, several of the nosy neighbors moseyed over to us.  Nosy neighbors? NO!  Cache owners!  We had the pleasure of meeting two of the three members of broncoboy78 (mother and son) along with her brother-in-law, Hosebib.

Talk about caching hospitality!?! On Hosebib’s shoulders, Mrs. CO made the grab.  And, on his Mom’s shoulders, CO Jr. put it back! Then we chatted a bit and contributed some trackables for their upcoming TB Hotel. Fun stop! Fave point for cache owner hospitality – we hope we see them again soon.

Even with all these positive experience, I’m still a little wary about neighborhood hides.  How about you?

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