Wednesday, November 11, 2015

212 Events Later...

Facebook has this feature called “On This Day” which displays posts from prior years.  I like reading it and seeing where I’ve been and how far I’ve come.  I found today’s particularly interesting.

FOUR years ago today my sister (WikidKriket) and I attended our first geocaching events!

The first Cacher we ever met was Prong! He's that smiling face in the middle
of the picture - the PERFECT geocaching ambassador!

Yes, events. We attended a Veteran’s Day Flashmob on 11.11.11 and then were talked into crossing town for one of LadyB4T’s Famous “date” events at Mr. Joe’s!

Who would’ve known what years would bring?! It’s Veterans Day again.  I’ve attended 212 more events (including the SE MIGO event tonight) and today is day #1350 on my cache-a-day streak!

Southeastern MIGO event tonight
Happy Veterans Day and thank you to those that served.

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