Monday, November 2, 2015

Mobbing -- Geocache Style!

Do you “mob”? No, I’m not talking flash mob.  That’s passé. I mean cache mob!

"Mobbing" - first stage down and heading to the next
Midwest Geobash 2015 

This is the latest thing in Michigan… another chance for geeks to get tech crazy in the woods! And, really, isn’t that the definition of geocaching? Best of all?  It’s a ‘must do’ with friends.

Local mob caches

Ok, here’s how it works (all this should be outlined on the cache page). When you reach the posted coordinates, you and a minimum number of gps-enabled smartphone friends log into and enter a “group code”.  The code will open a page specific to the cache. 

On this page you will see the number of cachers logged in and the minimum number required.  Below you will see I’m logged into Birds of a Feather but need at least 4 smartphone users within the zone to proceed.

Once enough cachers are logged in (your screen will continue to refresh, updating the number connected), a message will appear directing you to the next (or final) stage or giving additional instructions.  WARNING: Not everyone’s phone refreshes at the same pace. If mobbers start walking away (heading towards the next stage) before everyone gets the message, the ‘minimum connected’ will drop and not everyone will see the message. 

The successful conclusion of Wednesday's
Gather Your Friends into a Mob GC60D04

You can create your own “geo mob” using the chilehead website, too.  If you are creating one for release at an event, you can start it off with a larger minimum number of geocachers (Justice League required at least 20 at MWGB15) and then edit the mob size afterwards (generally to 3 or 4 cachers).  

So let’s get out there!

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