Saturday, June 23, 2012

Titanic Marker in Mount Clemens

I've finished another strip in my journal quilt. I actually had to cut more squares. I thought I'd get bored with it after awhile, but I'm fascinated in watching it grow! Also making great headway on a memorial quilt. Unfortunately, my SKoW quilt is suffering - I fear my group will drop me the next round.

I was out in Resurrection Cemetery in Mount Clemens when I came across a very interesting headstone:

It's the stone of one of the Titanic survivors. He lived his life in Detroit. Pretty neat, eh? Here's a close-up of the ship:

I'm on a 4-day weekend so I hope to have something to share this week.

Happy stitching!



Monday, June 11, 2012

Lake Erie Metropark - Rockwood, MI

Not much excitement in my quilting world - just finishing up some projects.

I did have an amazing time geocaching & picnicking at Lake Erie Metropark with my family (Team Free Range Lobsters: scrapcat, wikid kriket, 3inaTree, PopLob, and Hockeyman40).

Wanna see some pictures?

If you look close, you will see a freighter out on Lake Erie.

Enjoyed a walk through their marshlands

Counting frogs, turtles, dragonflies, & ducks

Sun is setting

They're just kidding, Jon!

Walking through the Phragmites
A reward for walking the Nature Trails in 95 degree weather! 

As seen from a hidden trail!  Only those that know.... know.

Even more stunning in person!

Team Free Range Lobsters:
scrapcat, wikid kriket, Papa Tree, LilRob, Hockeyman40 & Mama Tree
Poplob & Lil Tree were smart - they were back in the shade!
Weather is supposed to cool off this week!  Hopefully I'll have some quilting to share!

Happy Summer!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Keepers of the Cache

For anyone not lucky enough to visit Michigan, you are missing many stunning parks, nature trails and lakes.  Had the urge to get out and geocache yesterday.  Stopped into the West Bloomfield Nature Trails and look who was watching me?!?

My new caching buddy!

Then, today, I worked an early schedule so I can go out to play.  Each geocache held a small surprise for me!  Stopped at Marshbank Park in Waterford.  

Guardian at the Cattail Bridge

Serenity Overlook was... serene...
Then finished my day in Dodge State Park where I saw 6 adult and 5 baby swans!

Bath time!


Tis the season to hit the Metro- and State- parks.... can't wait to share!

Happy weekend!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Time is Flying!

Can you believe that I finished another strip? LOVE my journal quilt!

I've also completed two more Anni Downs embroideries for the upcoming strips.

One for Father's Day (with some funky bees):

And also Independence Day:

Now back to my appliqué blocks!

Happy Sunday,


P.s. One more thing to share... Spent Saturday participating in the Heritage Park/Rouge River cleanup with a group of fellow geocachers. I am now too knowledgable on the stamina of the non-native, invasive buckthorn - aargh!