Friday, October 31, 2014

OH/PA Adventure: Some Serious Cemeteries!

Ok, my friends and ghoulies…. Nothing more fitting for Halloween than a Spirit Quest!  On our Ohio/Pennsylvania excursion, we grabbed 27 cemetery caches and discovered some cool cemeteries along the way!

Sugar Creek Cemetery - OH

The ghostly hand points the way but the cache
had been spirited away - DNF
Historic Lakeview Cemetery - OH

Although featured in yesterday's post, it's still a mausoleum
so I have to include it today

Stained Glass from the Shirley Mausoleum
Notice anything in the upper right corner?
Yes, I missed the cache, too

Big Dam - right in the middle of the cemetery!

REALLY cool angel -

Stop and visit Jean Louise by the lake

TaGeez taking in the colors

Mausoleum Row

Rockefeller and Stone
 East Cleveland Township Library - A Night in the Cemetery event GC5BQ4D

Not a very scary bunch
TaGeez, Ratspazum and scrapcat

Tour by torchlight
Moses Mausoleum

After the tour was time for geocaching
Fake headstone - inscription was Geo Cache

Historic Bedford Cemetery - OH

Troy Township Cemetery - OH

They had almost a dozen Zinc headstones in varying shapes and sizes!

Edinboro Cemetery - PA

I always look at the cool medallions

Waterford Cemetery - PA

This Revolutionary War hero was over 115 years old when he died!

Driving around the back roads of Ohio and Pennsylvania with Ratspazum and TaGeez was great fun. Anytime we saw an old cemetery we had to pull off - too many to include in this post.  I love how well maintained all of them were.  Definitely worth another trip down there.

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