Wednesday, October 29, 2014

OH/PA Adventure: Webcams

Almost as rare as Year 2000 caches are webcams! We crossed paths with two!

These are geocaches that use existing web cameras that monitor various areas like parks or business complexes. The idea is to get yourself in front of the camera and save a screen capture from the website where the camera is displayed in order to log a find.
Erie Metropark Webcam GCPDM5

This is a cute little nature park near Cedar Point. The replacement webcam was sponsored by local geocachers. This is not the best picture, but it is our first group picture of the trip. Although TaGeez and I already claimed this one last year, we posed again with Ratspazum and Caching Fire.

Boro Web-cam GCN8GZ

Imagine my glee when I realized this webcam was along the route of two JASMER caches on our list! I watched this one for days - even watched the contractor who painted the new parking lot lines! 

This picture was our version of "Abbey Road" (with my dragon in the toga at the front)! After posting it on FB, Commander Overlord shared a link to a webcam of the REAL Abbey Road - he said if you watch it you will regularly see people doing the "Abbey Road" walk! 

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