Thursday, October 16, 2014

Duplebugs - TB Proxies

Aren’t these cute?  I placed a recent order with and needed to spend a few more dollars for free shipping (yes, spending more cost me less than order plus shipping.  Odd, right?).  So I was searching around and the site suggested, based on my order, these DupleBugs. 

Basically, they are a proxy tag you can add to a traveler to send them back out into the world.  On the back is a gray box where you can ink your tracking code.  They are cute and inexpensive.  The sight says they are made of a flexible plastic to endure rough handling – it still seems a little flimsy to me.  What is cool is the great stainless steel airplane cable key rings that comes with it - I use them to hold my pathtag collections.

I’m in a bit of a conundrum now.  This seems the cheapest method to return my missing TB’s back into play.  But I have over 2 dozen of them (marked missing by CO’s, caches archived, trackables dismantled or missing).  Which, if any, do I return to the caching wild?  And is it worth it when so many Cachers have proclaimed their disdain for proxies?

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