Friday, October 3, 2014

A Capital Adventure!

Sitting here listening to the rain beating on the windows it’s hard to believe a week ago we enjoyed such amazing weather – perfect for our trip to the State Capital!  TaGeez and I had been planning this trip for awhile because one of our JASMER caches was sitting snug as a bug in the Woldumar Nature Center (plus we’re History geeks). In addition to this oldie are a series of Virtuals and Challenge caches waiting to be discovered!

I don’t want to give too much away (because there are Virtuals involved) so here’s a pictorial tour of our day.  Our first stop was the Woldumar Nature Preserve just West of Lansing.

First stop: Woldumar Nature Preserve GC2A8B - November 2001

Nice find!  And look at all that greenery at his feet!
Good thing he's immune!

2 Michelin Men and my Wimpy Kid stopped for a visit!

Who's watching you?
After leaving the Woldumar, we headed towards the MSU campus and the downtown Lansing area with its beautiful Virtuals.  One of our favorites was A Capitol Hike GCJ1N6 - it's a 5 stage 26 subpart tour of the downtown.

Lovely, isn't it?  Midway through our "Virtuals", we stopped into the Capital Building for a little shade and a lot of beauty. If you approach the reception desk, they give you a booklet and tell you to start on the 3rd floor.

The State of Michigan Capitol Building is famous for being the only U.S. Capital with a glass floor!

TaGeez and scrapcat on the famous glass floor!

It must be time to get out of the sun and get a cool coffee drink!  We're seeing red T-Rexes now!

Back to the last of the Virtuals and a few cemeteries before heading out into the sunset.

Eureka Cemetery - home of MLT Eureka GCC31D
had some unique Zinc stones onsite

Our totals for this trip: 

* Adding 300 miles to my car for 25 finds in 12 hours
* Those finds include 1 JASMER cache (Nov 2001), 12 Virtuals, 6 challenges, 2 SQ's and 1 MLT
* Along the way we spotted 3 deer, used 6 parking meters, walked on 1 glass floor, stared at a giant lugnut & a giant red T-Rex, and was attacked by 1 angry apple
* Sharing our adventure were 2 Michelin Men and 1 Wimpy Kid trackables

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