Friday, October 10, 2014

This is OUR DETROIT! An Urban Art Adventure

It was too bright and shiny to stay home so TaGeez and I decided to enjoy the urban caching in Detroit last night..  We came across some amazing sights on our tour.  It's was wonderful to see Detroit so vibrant and alive!

Here is a sampling of the hundred or so pictures we snapped along the way!

Detroit's Chimera GC57JKP

Mt Vernon Bridge Cache GC33D03

Mt Vernon Bridge Cache GC33D03

Beaubien Bridge GC56VF9

Splatter and Drip GC58E16
On the way to A Hidden Gem in the City GC5BDJX

Taken by TaGeez

Taken by TaGeez

Taken by TaGeez

And wrapping up at Share Your Candy GC4T88Q

And let's not forget the community gardens, urban art exhibits and fabulous architecture.  Special kudos to the cache owners and the time spent documenting the area's history in their cache pages.  It is worth a trip to Detroit's New Center area.

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