Tuesday, October 21, 2014

MGA14: Lake Erie Metropark Adventure

Fall in Michigan – can’t beat it!  We’re so lucky that we can get out and enjoy these golden days.

If it wasn't for geocaching, I'd never have walked down that trail to this....
Out with members of Team Free Range Lobsters doing the MGA2014 – Lake Erie, Good and Evil Coexist GC51ZBY cache.  Today’s group consisted of myself, TaGeez, WikidKriket, SnakeyLicks and Fiona-the-wonder-geo-pup!  Love the annual Metropark series!

Snakey, Kriket and Fiona leading the way

TaGeez and Kriket know I don't like bridges - brats!

Kriket, Snakey, Fiona, scrapcat and TaGeez

One of the most gorgeous views

Not too cold for this wonderpup!

Hadley family photo

TaGeez taking in a beautiful Fall day

My Love

Sisters <3

After finding the cache, we drove over to the beach near the wave pool. Cold but beautiful.  The sun was setting too fast.

Keeper of the Cache

Fiona, Snakey, Kriket, and TaGeez

Team Free Range Lobsters

This takes care of #10.  Only 3 more to go, and then we have to wait another year.

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