Saturday, November 1, 2014

OH/PA Adventures: The Virtual Caches

This is a great way to cap off the week of posts: The Virtual Caches.  These were fun and varied – many with the highest Favorite points.  Because they are still active, I will omit any pictures that give answers to the verification questions.

I Saw the Light GC7923 – 48 Faves



On the shores of Lake Erie

Beetle People GCCC89 – 82 Faves

Passing the library  - heading to the Virtual

Beetle People

Causing Mischief throughout the park

Ratspazum and TaGeez - exploring the park

TaGeez and Ratspazum

scrapcat and TaGeez

Heading back to the car

Auto Art GCJ8M8 – 305 Faves

“Don’t Give up the Ship!” GCAE4F – 107 Faves

Perry Monument


I think it’s only fitting to share the sad end to my little ghost buddy.  All summer long, this Virtual Ghost Micro Geocoin has visited Virtual to Virtual with me and my family.  Unfortunately, my “Virtual” Geocoin is now a “Virtual Geocoin”.  While visiting the mounted brass plaque at the Beetle People, he fell behind it and is lost forever.

I take comfort knowing that every Cacher visiting this site will spend a few moments with this little guy. RIP.

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