Monday, November 3, 2014

The Causeway is A'blaze!

First time I cached at Bald Mountain State Park... I'd only been caching a few months. I toddled across a field, grabbed a cache and tumbled into a hunter's blind on the way back. It was a full blind, and they had watched me stroll across the field and grab the cache.

They explained that hunting was legal here, and then escorted me back to the car for safety. Along the way I explained geocaching to them. They were incredulous that I would hunt for something, find it, and then put it back!

Last week a group of us drove to Pennsylvania to find State Game Land #109 (Sept 2000 cache). Signs all over the parking lot warned, "Hunters wear orange and so should you." We didn't. We wore bumblebee yellow, moose brown, forest evergreen and beer black. We could hear the gunfire in the distance.

Yesterday we were heading out to Three Ponds Causeway (March 2001 cache). The last finder reported that in the time he walked the half mile out and back, hunters had dropped off a new blind.

We're a little slow, I guess, but we finally got a clue! Stopped at Dunham's and these vests were on sale for $18. I appreciated them as we walked to the cache, gunfire booming over the ridge. It sounded like the hunters applauded us!

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