Thursday, November 27, 2014

Day 1000 And Cache 5000!

Yesterday was my big day! The one thousandth day of my consecutive cache-a-day streak! To top it off, I found my cache #5000! And the best part is sharing this adventure with my sweetie, TaGeez. And there's been many adventures since starting my streak on my birthday in 2012:

* Midwest GeoBash 2012-2014
* Port Clinton, OH
* Chicago Geocaching Podcast Sign-off
* Traverse City
* Power Island
* Excursions to Jackson, Port Huron, Windsor, Holly/Fenton, Lansing and Frankenmuth
* The Cleveland/Erie Adventure

We've come across some remarkable experiences especially:

* The Metroparks Geocaching Adventures
* The Historic Counties Challenges
* The Michigan Star
* The JASMER caches
* The historic cemetery caches

I love sharing these amazing experiences with my Love, TaGeez, my family (Team Free Range Lobsters) and my fabulous Geocaching friends.

A special thank you to everyone who has hidden a cache, hosted a meet, and joined us on this journey.

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