Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Travel Ingot Geocoin TB6AQ9V

This is no ordinary trackable - this is one you have to work for!

Tonight was the second time I've had The Travel Ingot Geocoin in my hands, but this time we were successful! Travel ingot? It doesn't look like an ingot. Oh, no. It's not that easy.

Owned by RDC4106, this goodie has been making the rounds at the local events. It's a 'Find It' toy - one end lists the 40 miniature items concealed within the beads (you shake it up to find each one). But RDC has added a 41st object - a miniature gold ingot from  To discover the trackable, you must find the ingot and collect the code.

Look at The Little Cutie helping us out! Definitely showing some skill as a problem solver!

Eventually, the ingot made it's way to the top (no spoilers here - the actual trackable number is on the back of the object).

Hey, speaking of "cuties" - check out The Little Cutie with this sweet Pumpkin! Too cute for words!

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