Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bright Treasures in a Box

What is shaped like a box?
Comes in all sizes?
Filled with papers with names on it?
And colorful swag?
And is listed on an official website and located via coordinates?


Look at the variety! We filled 13 libraries so far!

HAHA! Funny how that description sounds so familiar! Though, if you think about it, it's not much different than geocaching. One of them even had a log in it (to sign your name & add book recommendations).

This past weekend members of Team Free Range Lobsters held a garage sale to clear out PopLob's house. Lo and behold! We are all readers, and, afterwards, there were so many books left over. So we converted my geomobile into a bookmobile....

And TaGeez and I have spent the last few days making book deposits into random library exchanges throughout Metro Detroit!

So it makes total sense that geocachers have been known to use LFLs as cache locations. This one (below) is in Taylor. And TaGeez and I found several very memorable ones on our road trip to Georgia last Summer - specifically Newport, KY and Charleston, WV. Both communities were funky and fabulous - just like my hometown Ferndale!

Speaking of caches at LFLs, this one made me laugh today. TaGeez and I pulled up to do a random deposit at a library in Palmer Woods, when TaGeez cracked, "I see the geocache from here!" 

And he could! We pulled up the official app and there it was! Except when we found it several years ago, it was tucked in the bushes. Guess you don't have to worry about your cache being muggled in one of the most expensive communities in the US!

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