Friday, July 1, 2016

Starting Our Holiday Early

Finally! The holiday is almost upon us. Thursday night TaGeez and I left work, and we new we needed to start our fun time a day early. We filled the tank, drove to Mexicantown for dinner at Mi Pueblo Taqueria and then off to Belle Isle for an adventure!

Oh, the shrimp fajitas are so good!
The Belle Isle part didn't go as plan. We wanted to park and walk to the tip of the Isle, but all the spaces were filled with Detroiters enjoying the amazingly blue sky and breeze off the river. So we moseyed over to the famed Scott Memorial Fountain.

This is the big guy himself - James Scott. From all accounts, we was a regular b@$t@rd in Detroit history. 

But he wanted to be remembered so he donated enough money for the fountain - from all accounts, it took quite a debate from the local residents to finally agree to accept the gift. Now THAT'S a way to be remembered.

Here's another view from the fountain (photographing into the sun). The fountain is actually three tiers; this is the lowest tier, which faces the RenCen Center (upper left corner).

We completed a two-stage Multi that had eluded us earlier due to the annual Grand Prix, and then headed over to one of my favorite bridges on the Isle (near the Grand Casino).

That one just happened to have a geocache underneath it, too!

We took both trackables. One had gone missing for two years and was surprisingly dropped into this cache. The other (pictured below) is a racing trackable sent out into the world by a high school First Robotics Team to visit each of the First states. It's a funny coincidence as my nephew, Michael in Missouri, just graduated from high school and was on Lee's Summit First Robotics Team (and they made it to the World Championships this year!).

As the stresses from the last few months dissipated, I knew this mini-adventure to the "D" was exactly what the geocacher ordered!

After a few more stops, we made one final stop at the pier. Easy find, and we were rewarded with seeing sailboats on the horizon and swans near the end. 

Yes, now we're truly ready to relax and enjoy this special weekend. 

Happy Independence Day!

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