Thursday, July 21, 2016

TIP: Spotting Your GPSr

By the time you read this, TaGeez and I will be on the road to Midwest GeoBash! (Special 'Thank you' to Oscar and Brenna for housesitting!)

As we were loading pocket queries and checking the lithium batteries, it hit me that I had two more tips to share:

Labeling your GPRs

I was just reading on YMBAGI (Facebook) about a man who dropped his iPhone on a power trail while caching. It goes on to tell all about his travails on relocating it (in case you were curious, he never thought to call it because he assumed it was still sitting in deep grass).

And we've all been out with someone who has lost their GPSr units while on a run. Or confused them in a group of units - heading to GeoBash, there will be hundreds laying around. Even in some of our smaller local events, you hand them over to the people loading event caches and hope the post-it note doesn't come loose.

In a crowd, they start to look alike

TIP: Even though most units have a spot in the settings to put your contact info (have you updated yours lately?), our local cachers have learned to also ink their email and phone info in the battery compartment.

GeoFleaz (AKA Travel Fleas)

In yesterday's post, you saw these little metal tabs attached to our trackables. GeoFleaz (originally called Travel Fleas) are also a handy way to personalize your carrying case. 

TaGeez and I have had ours for a few years, and you can see that the tags look brand new still.

Anyone else going to GeoBash?

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