Monday, July 11, 2016

Geocaching 101: Mount Clemens

Ah, converting the Muggles!

Team Gates hosted a Geocaching 101 event outside the Mount Clemens YMCA where he's interning for his major. Gates is well-qualified: joining in 2009, he has over 6,000 finds and almost 200 hides. In addition to regularly the Warren Taco Tuesday event, he is also the founder and Admin for the Southeastern Michigan Geocaching Facebook group.

TaGeez and I attended (along with GSIX) to help him with event. He gave a nice presentation on the physical, psychological and social benefits of geocaching.

After an explanation of the how's and what's, new cachers paired off with experienced ones to find the 12 hides in the park. I'm not kidding.. jealous of them. These were fun hides, and I'm bummed they were only temporary.

First find! This little fellow was unstoppable! He took off with my GPSr unit and found the first container. What a hoot!

Afterwards, the real caching began. When the kids left, the older ones (nose in their phones for Pokemon GO) stopped riverside to grab a GSIX cache. The homeless guy had us convinced that it was a rubber ducky underneath. Alas, the ducky didn't fit in the flat pack that really help the log.

Although several cachers went down, BSW made the find! Afterwards, TaGeez and I enjoyed caching in several nearby cemeteries and parks. 

Good day all around!

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