Monday, July 4, 2016

"Law Enforcement Approved"

I received a message from my friend, Team GMMP, "New and improved! Custom paint! See through window to satisfy law enforcement requirements!  😀"

"For limited time only! For 10 easy payments of $0.01, buy one, get one free while supplies last! 😀"

Now, I know he's kidding about "Law Enforcement Requirements", but I think he's onto something. Top and bottom camo'd to help conceal it, but it's still transparent for law enforcement and park officials.

Sweet, Greg. Do you deliver?


  1. Missed Greg's post. FB or Google?

  2. LOL! I delivered two words trash bags of plastic containers, several rolls of duct tape and four or five cans of spray paint to my 12-year-old nephew this weekend. He's been bored so he's going to make me lots of cash containers. I need Send him the picture of Greg's law enforcement approved caches


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