Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday Funny!

It's mid-60's in March in Michigan.  So, instead of quilting, I've been playing hooky on this sunny Wednesday afternoon!

The funniest thing happened to me during my adventures today.

I was signing a log at a geocache in Farmington's Heritage Park (geocaching is kind of like a treasure hunt using a gps played by MILLIONS of users all over the world).  The geocache was called, "Are The Dear Watching You Too?"  And....


Five of them were quietly watching me and wondering (just like you), "What is she up to?"

Had to share!

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  1. I'll never forget pulling in there one time with the boys, and there was a whole herd of deer watching us - you've reminded me I want to go back this spring and get some pics, yours is darling!


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