Monday, May 28, 2012

Geocaching... One Year Later...

GEOCACHING (according to the Urban Dictionary) is using multi billion dollar military defense satellites to find tupperware in the woods.  Really, it's kind of a scavenger hunt for containers called "caches".  You use a GPS, sometimes you solve a puzzle.  Learn a little local history or science or math.  Many times you are taken to an interesting site or nature trail.  Find the cache, sign the log, and sometimes swap out swag.

Yep, that is the simple definition.  A year ago today, my brother and his family (3inaTree) introduced me to  the joy of geocaching, and today I found my 585th cache!  Woot! 

Geocaching has taken me outdoors, increased my Vitamin D, battled my depression over the closing of Borders, introduced me to new friends, increased my familial bond, and led me to beautiful places in Southeastern Michigan, Ontario and Maine. 

In celebration, I thought I'd share some of my favorite moments or experiences over the last year.

My first cache. We started with a hard one!

Veterans Day Flash Mob!  First "event" for myself and Wikid Kriket

Mama Tree is smart!

Can you spot the cache container in this picture?  Nope - it's not the birdhouse!

Wikid Kriket getting serious in Franklin!

PopLob found his first cache!

Caching brought me to lovely Harsen's Island

Hockeyman40 with his first cache!
A bear could sneak up on them and they'd never know it!

Poplob and Little Tree spending quality time....

Michigan Metroparks are stunning!

Tristan39 with the find!  That is a "cache" in his hand.

3inaTree after a successful day at Indian Springs Metropark

Typical contents of a cache... log to sign and swag to trade

First time - and definitely not the last - enjoying a Huron Metropark!

Wikid Kriket and Tristan39 enjoying the hunt

Wikid Kriket NOT enjoying the hunt!  But being a good sport!

The cache was called "Are the Deer Watching?"  Yes, they were.

Caching in Woodland Hills park in Farmington

Very inventive.  Found this cache in a PILE of stumps!

Cache containers come in all shapes and sizes!

Did you find it?

Mama Bear can often be found in a tree

CITO - Cache In Trash Out
Cachers give as much as they take

How many cachers does it take to find a piece of tupperware?
More arrived before we located it!

I LOVE geocaching on Belle Isle!

Team Free Range Lobsters on Belle Isle
We were missing a few....

3inaTree after a successful find!

Yep.  3inaTree in a tree again....

Even the dogs get into the act! 
Indy was finding them as fast as Tristan39!

Making new friends on the Dexter Geotrail.
Really... started out as strangers, but it never takes long with cachers....

Caching in Maine is cool!  Er, cold!

These are geocoins.  People will place them in a cache and ask others to move them along.
I've held coins that were 6 years old and travelled over 20K miles!

BikerChick and the Buffinator make the find!

Geocaching will include Challenges.  Me playing to the camera.
There was a cache just a few feet away!

Even a cache on the stately manor grounds.
CampFamily6 with their first find!

Thank you for sharing my memories!  Everyone, I hope you have a safe & healthy Memorial Day!



  1. Elisa! 585 Caches! In a year! I am so impressed. Kinda want to know how you get anything else done! ;-}



  2. Wow! That's a lot of finds. I've done a few letterboxes, but haven't tried Geo-caching. Hmmmm.... I wonder which is more rewarding?!

  3. I just found your blog and had to read about geocatching. I had never heard of it before. The photos reminded me of Michigan where I grew up until age 10 when we moved away from Lincoln Park. When I saw your comments about Belle Isle, I remember visiting there as a young child. Thanks for the trip down memory lane and thank you for the explanation of Geocatching. I wonder if there is Geocatching in my neck of the woods, Missouri? It looks like a lot of fun and a good way to get up and get moving.


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