Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Devil Witch of Summer

Happy Summer!
My sister reminded me that it’s been awhile since I posted.  Have to admit – like the rest of you, I’m sure – it’s hard to quilt during the glorious summer weather!  I’ve been out exploring the Michigan countryside.  This past weekend, my sister and I visited the oldest geocaches in Oakland County for a challenge.  Hard to stay indoors when these line the trail paths:

I’ve also recently made some new friends, explorers like my sister and myself, who enjoy the eccentricities of Lower Michiganians.  Saw this along the road and knew I had to stop:

Unfortunately, as abundant the sites are of Michigan, I’ve also had to deal with another of Michigan’s residents: poison ivy.  It’s very plentiful this year – ugh!  Did you know Michiganders recognize local poison ivy based on the shape of our state? The bottom two leaves are the shape of two hands reversed (each with a notch where the thumb is).  The middle (top) leaf resembles a hand on top (notches on each side where thumb and pinky are).  Yet, this knowledge still didn’t prevent me from touching it!

Luckily, I have my bottle of Palmolive in the shower and my package of antihistamines on the counter.  The worst has subsided.  Any of you have any folk remedies I should remember for the future? 
I think Ginger would like me to stay closer to home! 

Time to get back to my journal quilt (I’ve almost finished another strip) and some stitcheries.


  1. Ugh no, not poison ivy - they had it marked at Heritage Park, thank goodness, I'm not out in nature enough to recognize it! But thanks to your description, I will now! You're right, it's far too beautiful outside to be inside sewing, get out and enjoy it!

  2. As a kid, I remember people using Fels Napha soap to wash with after being exposed to poisin ivy. Can't remember if it worked. Love the metal sculpture!


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