Monday, September 15, 2014

Just Call Me "Mr. Bib"! - Michelin TB Giveaway

Let me introduce you to Mikey!  He arrived in our mailbox Saturday, one of 2,000 free Michelin Quest trackables sent to U.S. mailboxes this week! 

I have to admit – originally, he wasn’t mine.  The moment I saw the promotion and requested one for myself and one for TaGeez.  I then shot the link to my sister for a third one.  Kriket and TaGeez each received one, but my mailbox remained barren… dark… empty… unfilled with trackable goodness.  Good thing TaGeez loves me and isn’t really into the numbers thing.  He sweetly gave me his.  I’m hoping, though, I’ll be surprised one day this week with a small manila package in my mailbox so he can have one, too.

We started taking him on adventures, but, typical of our caching buddies, he was more interested in donuts that pirate ships.

We’ll send him out soon so he can complete his intended mission statement, with a chance of him crossing your paths for prizes:

This Michelin Man tire pressure gauge is part of Michelin’s Quest for Adventure Anniversary geocaching contest.  Sharing a photo of this trackable could win you a set of tires AND a grand prize trip for two! 
125 years ago, the Michelin brothers dreamed of giving people a better way to move and travel.  The Michelin Man was a manifestation of that dream and he came to live ten years later to help guide people on their adventures all over the world. 
Share a picture of this Michelin Man on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #MichelinQuest  from now until December 31, 2014.

What I found fascinating is the history of the “Michelin Man”.  Here’s some interesting trivia from the web:

  • Did you know his real name is “Bidenbum” (shortened to “Mr. Bib”)?  Bidenbum is Latin for “drinking to be done”.  In one of the earliest campaigns, he was promoted as having the ability to “drink up” obstacles.
  • The popular (and one of the oldest & most recognized) mascot was created by the Michelin brothers. During a visit to the 1894 International Fair in Lyon, they found themselves in front of a stack of tires. The shape of the stack reminded them of a man without arms, and thus the mascot was born.
  • The first Michelin Man ad was finalized in 1898. Back then, tires weren't black; they were light gray or beige. Since Bibendum was designed to look like a man made of a stack of tires, he was light in color.
In 1894, the Michelin brothers primarily sold
bicycle tires hence the thinner-looking rings
  • Mr. Bib has changed considerably over the years. In early Michelin Man ads he was characterized as well-to-do, often smoking a cigar and wearing opera glasses or a monacle. In other ads, the Michelin Man was portrayed as a kickboxer, a gladiator and even a ballroom dancer. Soon, Mr. Bib evolved into a driver's guardian angel, which is how he is depicted in Michelin Man ads today.

That’s fabulous.  And we have a particular fondness for the “tire guy” as we’re proudly from the Motor City.  I can’t wait to see the adventures ahead!


UPDATE - SEPT 16TH: I got one, too! It arrived in the mail yesterday!  How wonderful!  I gave it to TaGeez, and we will take them both out on adventures before releasing them!

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