Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Start the New Year with a Clean Slate

Logging caches yesterday, I scooted over to to check out some statistics. While there, it showed that I had found 7208 finds on 7207 unique caches. Uh oh! Dupe log! is a free website (though they do offer a paid membership with added benefits) with easy-to-navigate tools primarily for geocaching. One of the handiest tools is the Bad Log finder.

Click the link, enter your geo-name, and click Filter. It will return results for three types of issues:
  • Duplicate logs on your owned caches
  • Duplicate logs you created (with a handy GC link)
  • Your logs on your own caches
I ran both mine and TaGeez - I had one dupe and he had two. Easy enough to resolve, and next time we reach a milestone we will know it's a true milestone.

Have a happy holiday and may Santa bring you many tools of the trade!

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