Saturday, August 31, 2019

TaCat Tagging Along

If you cache in Southeastern Michigan, you don't often see "Scrapcat" or "TaGeez" on a log unless it's a challenge. Most often, for brevity, we sign as TaCat (TAgeez and scrapCAT - funny how often we are asked this).

When we were at GeoBash this year, (sadly) GXProxy was selling off their inventory. I loved ordering from them, and it broke my heart.

Looking at their clearance I found these blank disks and grabbed a handful. When we win promotional trackables we like to attach something personal to them before sending out. We used to add TravelFleas, but the last batch we ordered was a little disappointing - their name was much more apparent than ours on the customized tags.

Returning home, I hit on the idea to order some vinyl labels from Etsy to add a more personal touch to these blanks. What do you think? I'm geeked! We'll either used these as travelers in trackables or can send them out as proxies.

Ready to travel!

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