Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Employee Art & Hobby Exposition

Thursday was our first Employee Artist & Hobby Exposition at work. So, of course, I had to exhibit.... quilts. Ok, yes. A little something about Geocaching, too!

What a hoot! My display (under the banner on loan from Mark Klauza) included signage from MiGO (via Dan Cable) plus many examples of geocaches. 

I hid 35 caches in the booth - most out in the open. One strung from the ceiling, one magnetized under the table, and a few others concealed (see the bobber below?) I even threw in my favorite gadget cache, a 3D printed monkey puzzle, which nobody could open. 

On the back boards I included examples of different cache types, trying to entice the travelers in our midst.

By the end of the day over half my brochures were gone, and I know of at least four people who created accounts! And I've been asked to setup a geocaching 101 excursion when the weather gets nicer. All in all, a very successful day!

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