Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Michigan Star - Columbiaville and Saginaw Adventure (The Wrap-up)

Oh, it was so nice spending time with Mary, Steve and Paula.  Added bonus?  Through their generosity, I actually have pictures of me!  I really don’t have many of me caching – I’m always snapping away.  Here are the pictures from their albums – sources Paula Cupples (PC) or Steve Simison (SS).

SS - Success!

PC - It was a long (but fun) walk!

SS - Layover at the Bridge

PC - Steve and I found the center of the star
SS - You can barely see it but this is
our upside-down rainbow

SS - scrapcat up to no good

SS - Are we there yet?

PC - Final star cache!

SS - Gathering info at the About the Town Virtual

PC - Fascinating architecture across from In Honor and Memory

PC - Visiting In Honor and Memory Virtual

PC - Do we go in?

PC - I'm disappointed I missed this

PC - Gate to the Hatch Crypt

SS - I'm sure it's out here somewhere!
Let's take the LONG way!

SS - I LOVE this picture!
Scrapcat solving a puzzle!

SS - Looks haunted. Doesn't it?
Only the camera caught the stains on the floor

PC - Bench at the Poet's Resting Place Virtual

I love geocaching because it takes me to places I've never been, and I meet the most amazing people!

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  1. Quite the portrayal of a good time! The NY Star launches on 6/21/14 :-)


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