Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Podcache Show Winner!

Awesome!  I received an email this past week from Pete of The Podcache Show (in the UK) letting me know I won the April challenge! 

You had to find 5 caches that spelled out “APRIL”.  I decided as it was a good caching month for me to add a bit more to the challenge and use 5 different cache types, too!  And look at where they were – all over the place!

 My friend, DarrylW4, let me know this morning that the Episode 33 has been aired, announcing me as the winner.  My prize?  I get to pick May’s challenge.  As May 4-10 is Be Kind to Animals Week, the challenge is to find 4 caches in the month of May that include animals in their name like Tiger, Wolf, Elephant, etc.

Part of Pete’s email had me chuckling:

“I've also noticed that you won a competition on another podcast and they pronounced your name correctly. Is it pronounced with an 'S' or a 'Z'? I can't have Australians bettering me at English pronunciation!”

He was also very complimentary about this blog.  He has an interest in “active geocaching bloggers” so stay tuned! He appreciated the link to his show and also the link to Red Ruth Riddle Tools (I used that link myself several times this week!).

I’m a big fan of The Podcache Show because Pete and Tracey are a lovely couple who invite you into their geocaching world with sincerity and humor. They, alongside with their kids and geofriends, share the world of UK caching: the series, local events, walking trails, and history, too.  I just love the way they don’t take themselves too seriously and have a bit of fun.  Some of my favorite experiences on their shows (sorry, I don’t remember episode numbers):
  1. Pete’s son telling him a joke.  Then, 30 minutes later in the podcast, Pete finally understood the punch line.
  2. The running commentary on an Earth Cache.  Pete and Tracey were waiting at the site of an Earth Cache for a geological phenomenon that only occurs several times a year (solstice, was it?).  There’s all this build up while waiting for this wave on a river… and then it was over.  Very dry humor.
  3. They also feature interesting series (railroad series or village sign series) and interesting events (24 hours of caching?!?)
What an awesome way to kick off May! 

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