Wednesday, April 30, 2014

MGA14 - One Day and Counting!

I’m so very geeked!  The Michigan Geocaching Adventure (MGA) brochure for 2014 was released last night!

Between May 1st and November 30th, visit 13 Huron Metroparks to find a special cache in each location.  Not only do you get a smiley, but you get a special code and a clue to a bonus cache.  In year’s past, if you completed the series you received a special path tag for that year.  Last year, my sister (WikidKriket) and I each won a Huron Metropark annual pass for this year!

It’s great fun! The caches are all in good-sized lock-and-locks, and they are located along family-friendly trails.  Each year the caches are located in different areas of the parks so you can explore them to the fullest.  

Then, after grabbing your cache (or caches – each park has additional caches totaling about 120 of them), you can have a picnic, visit the nature centers.  One park has a tunnel under its pond.  Another has a wave pool.  Another has a water park.  There’s an Eagle’s nest, a hawk enclosure.  We’ve tripped across a lot of wildlife on our explorations. Each park has its own personality.

Visit some of my earlier blog posts to see some fabulous pictures of Team Free Range Lobster’s adventures! Here are several of my favorite MGA adventures: Huron Meadows and Hudson Mills, Lake Erie Metropark, and Indian Springs and Stony Creek.

See you on the trails!

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