Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunset on Belle Isle

I had such a fabulous time Saturday evening with Steve (TaGeez).  After meeting my father for dinner in Hamtramck, we decided to enjoy the first warm, sunny evening and drive down to Belle Isle.  We had such a successful adventure taking pictures and grabbing Geocaches.

Ren Cen Center and Ambassador Bridge

MacArthur Bridge - Detroit River still has some residual ice

Livingstone Lighthouse at the East End
Designed by famed Albert Kahn, this Art Deco lighthouse
is the only all-marble lighthouse in the U.S.

Sun setting over the site of the DIA geocache

Livingstone Lighthouse in silhouette

Beach at Belle Isle near the water slide

Dotted lights are from the MacArthur Bridge

Steve snapped this one of me

Just a few weeks away from the annual Belle Isle event.  45 new caches are released.  For one day only the new year and the prior year's caches reside simultaneously. Several hundred cachers roaming the Isle, laughing and grabbing caches. I can't wait!

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