Saturday, April 26, 2014

Spring Arbor Adventure

Boy, do I owe my sister a THANK YOU!

As I mentioned recently, I've had a secret desire to fill my Jasmer grid from 2002 to present.  After my trip to Chicago, I just needed 1 more - February 2002 - but there were none in the neighborhood.  I told Steve (TaGeez) about one near Spring Arbor, and he was all for an adventure!  Only problem?  I have a leased car and am over in my miles. Sister to the rescue!

Thank you, Lorna, for the loan of the green geo-mobile!  Steve also appreciated finally having some leg room!

The weather started overcast, but the closer we got to Jackson (and then onto Spring Arbor) the sunnier it became!  On the plan were 4 Virtuals, one Earth Cache, several cemetery caches, and Lime Lake Isthmus GC3A12 (my February 2002 cache).

I'll let my photos tell the story:

Target caches - Virtuals in white

First Stop is a Virtual: Stonewall Jackson? GC9304

TaGeez and scrapcat at Lime Lake

Lime Lake

Found it! February 2002 cache!
Lime Lake Isthmus GC3A12

Beautiful day! Unwittingly getting a little sunburned right now

The lake was so clear you could see the rocks underwater!

Falling Waters Trail was formerly a railroad track/train bridge

Spring is finally rearing her head

View from the Earth Cache: Missing River GC4FATZ
Due to poor construction, the tunnels under the railroad bridge didn't allow
water to flow so half the river became a lake and the other half diverted course

We had a great time on the Falling Waters Trail

Practicing Stealth
Can you spot the geocacher?

Sign in Concord Township just before the cemetery

Can't give the GC for this baby - no spoilers, but this
was a fabulous multi-hide in a cemetery

Third of four Virtuals today: W.H.L. GC9932 deserves its 93 Fave Points

El trabeio rustico is the practice of creating objects resembling wood out of concrete
McCourtie Park on the McCourtie Estate

There are 17 "wooden" bridges of different styles in this park

Birdhouse on the McCourtie Estate

Another view of McCourtie Park

Just completed the last cache, a Virtual, when TaGeez became distracted
It was an awesome series of caches and exactly the day out we needed!  In the end, I logged 13 caches including 4 Virtuals, 1 Earth Cache, 1 Multi, 1Cache Across America, and 3 cemetery caches. We could've added some puzzles and a webcam for a more-rounded day, but, then again, we had already added enough miles to my sister's car.  Time to head home!

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