Monday, April 21, 2014

Belle Isle Adventure!

Belle Isle is a verdant island located in the Detroit River, almost equal distance between Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario.  It is Detroit’s gem, first settled by French colonists in the 18th century, originally called “Hog Island”. The name was changed to Belle Isle to celebrate its beauty.   The landscape was designed by Frederick Olmstead and many of its more prominent buildings (the Casino, Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory, Belle Isle Aquarium and Livingstone Lighthouse, to name a few) were designed by Albert Kahn.  As of November 2013, it became Michigan’s 102nd state park.

Detroit Skyline
And, as many of you know from my recent posts, I LOVE THE ISLE!

For 9 years, the Belle Isle Cachers (Rattrak, Brummelbear – and now – Team Rumble) hosts an event releasing 45 or so new caches on the Isle.  The bonus?  On this day only they keep the prior-year’s caches intact so you have the opportunity to enjoy 90 caches at a go (if you have the stamina). 

2014 Caches
This year was a particularly nice turnout as the event was postponed a month due to this year’s record-breaking Winter.  Even though the trees haven't budded yet, it was still a gorgeous day – hitting the mid 70’s and sunny.  We ran into Cachers from Canada, Ohio, and the North Oakland (Michigan) area.  It was also very exciting as we had a lot of first-timers in our ranks!  Congrats, JLIEB, on your 1000th find milestone!

The day starts with a breakfast at Michigan-based Big Boy’s across the McArthur Bridge.  Afterwards, Cachers regroup at the pavilion outside the Aquarium/Conservatory for the FTF raffle drawing.  

Once the drawing was over and caches loaded (via GPS or email – love GeoSphere, too!), we were off!
Representing Team Free Range Lobsters were WikidKriket, SnakeyLicks, myself, TaGeez, and Caching Fire! 

TaGeez, Fiona, SnakeyLicks, WikidKriket and scrapcat
Kriket and Licks at the Band Shell
TaGeez on the scent
Fiona met Freckles
Fiona looking for Stage 1 of the Multi.
It's under her paws!
Ran into some Canadian friends - Hi oOAMYOo and Chatsie!
TaGeez and Kriket trying to "rock the boat"
Met some random people at a new guard rail
Just one more before potluck!
Breaking for the lunchtime potluck.

Rattrak sharing with Fire

Belle Isle Cachers:
Brummelbear, Rattrak, and Team Rumble

Ok, back out for more caches!

Meeting of the minds
She was doing so well avoiding the puddles - NOT!
Just a wee bit of standing water... everywhere!
One happy Cacher!
Stopped a moment to rest a spell
We have company.... near a really cool cache involving a pipe,
a bottle of water, and a bobber
Belle Isle has some seriously impressive weeping willows!
Loving the Vitamin D!
Sisterly time together
That mosaic totally photo-bombed my sister!
Fiona for the find!
Pretty serious looking, eh?
We ended the day with 26 finds, 1 potluck, 1 impromptu picnic and then home for a barbeque afterwards.  

We tuckered her out!  Woot!
It was a glorious day, and I’m SO motivated for another season of caching.  What’s next?  MGA14!

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