Saturday, April 12, 2014

Chicago Geocacher Podcast

I'm heartbroken and elated at the same time.

I love the Chicago Geocacher Podcast.  So far, 99 episodes (plus tangents) of geocaching and laugh-out-loud fun.  Scott & Walt make me laugh so hard I'm swerving off the road in my daily commute.

Heartbroken?  Because this Saturday is their 100th - and final - episode!  They will be taping it LIVE at the Spectacular event.  And then after that?  No more appearing in my playlist?  

Elated?  Although late to the party, I was able to buy the commemorative geocoin and will pick it up in person!  

Going to Chicago with DarrylW4.  We will be meeting Firesafe and WyoKrewe to target the Randall Road Romp and grab Beverly GC28 - the 3rd oldest active cache in the world.  Then, off to 3 events: the luncheon, the LIVE taping, and the morning after breakfast!

I can't wait to post pictures!

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