Monday, October 7, 2013

MetroPark Caching on Saturday

I realized that I haven’t shared too many pictures from our Metropark adventure on Saturday.  TaGeez, WikidKriket, SnakeyLicks, Fiona-the-wonder-pup, and I went to Indian Springs and Stony Creek to grab two more caches in the MGA13 series.  Although it had rained all morning, it was still a beautiful (squishy) walk and resteful picnic afterwards.

1- SnakeyLicks holding our Secret Weapon!
2- TaGeez enjoying riot of color at Indian Springs

4- Family Photo Time!
5- scrapcat and TaGeez
6- Not really feeling the leash

7- In the chamber under the pond
8- Working hard for the cache!
9- Stony Creek greenery

10- Fiona for the find! Worth seeing twice!
11- Picnic afterwards.  Puppies eat first!
12- Victory Meal!

13- Oh so tired!

It really was a fabulous time!  Just two more MGA13 caches to go!

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