Tuesday, October 15, 2013

San Francisco Dreaming...

Rumor has it I may have a reason to go to California in January.  Trying not to get my hopes up, but downtown San Francisco has a LOT of Virtuals!

Virtual Cache
A Virtual Cache is about discovering a location rather than a container. The requirements for logging a Virtual Cache vary—you may be required to answer a question about the location, take a picture, complete a task, etc... In any case, you must visit the coordinates before you can post your log. Although many locations are interesting, a Virtual Cache should be out of the ordinary enough to warrant logging a visit.  [Source: Geocaching.com]

I have no idea where the hotel is…. But it’s been fun looking at the ones downtown, imaging which one I can “grab”…..

Minty Fresh, w/o Altoids - http://coord.info/GCD628         11 Favorite points
The K-Leave Me Cache - http://coord.info/GC1702             40 Favorite points
Dragon’s Tongue - http://coord.info/GCC10C                      12 Favorite points
Whole Lot of Shakin’ - http://coord.info/GCC0E7                60 Favorite points
House of Peace and Grace - http://coord.info/GCHRJV      60  Favorite points
CalTrain – San Francisco - http://coord.info/GCE125          14 Favorite points
Working Downtown - http://coord.info/GCC504                 19 Favorite points
Waateekaa - http://coord.info/GCJFP4                                  34 Favorite points
Inspiration Point Poetry - http://coord.info/GCJJF2             23 Favorite points
Left What in San Francisco - http://coord.info/GCAD16     54 Favorite points
WPArt: Lillie’s Cache - http://coord.info/GC136C                118 Favorite points
A Simple Life - http://coord.info/GCG1TF                               41 Favorite points
Laughing Sal’s - http://coord.info/GCBD0A                           279 Favorite points
WPArt: Victor’s Cache - http://coord.info/GCJAVD              20 Favorite points
Escape from Alcatraz - http://coord.info/GCF7A2                271 Favorite points
What a Sight! - http://coord.info/GCD018                             45 Favorite points
WPArt: Lucien’s Cache - http://coord.info/GCC3C2             34 Favorite points
The Great Lobos - http://coord.info/GC21EA                        32 Favorite points
Marin Headlands One - http://coord.info/GCA7F1               90 Favorite points
Marin Headlands Two - http://coord.info/GCA7F2              60 Favorite points
Caltrain – Sth San Francisco - http://coord.info/GCE418    9 Favorite points
Everyone Knows It’s Windy - http://coord.info/GC958B     37 Favorite points
Test of Time - http://coord.info/GCA97D                               13 Favorite points
Milagra Ridge View – http://coord.info/GCHRWN               1 Favorite points
Bay Area History – Rosie - http://coord.info/GCCA46         28 Favorite points
Jeopardy: A LT Puzzle Cache –  http://coord.info/GCA38E 8 Favorite points
Leviathan of Science – http://coord.info/GCF6A1                15 Favorite points

Trying not to get my hopes up, but it would be fabulous if it happens.

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