Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hurt My Heart (Virtual Cache)

Did a Virtual cache today (these are grandfathered caches that take you to a location rather than a container. Normally it's a historic site that cannot house a cache box).

I won't give away the name or GC as this one is still active, but I had to share. This is the SS Columbia. Built in 1902, it was the first steam-powered excursion ship and one of the last 2 in existence (seen here with it's sister, the Ste. Clair).

This was one of the boats that carried generations of vacationers from the docks of Detroit to Boblo Island. It recently held a promise of a $10M renovation so it could be a floating educational tool in the Hudson River Valley. Instead, it was used as a rotting prop in the recent Transformers4 movie.

Seeing it in this state (instead of the blinding-white marvel from my childhood) was like a punch in the gut. It hurt my heart.

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