Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Geocaching 101: Caching Essentials Kits

Today’s topic is Geocaching Essentials kits.  I had been thinking of this for quite some time (since GeoBash, actually, when I bought all these small easy-to-lose caching toys).  On Monday, I even started gathering my stuff together (mainly because when I cleaned my car I almost sucked my new logroller down the vacuum).  Then, on my ride into work this morning, I heard Sonny on the Podcacher show talk about carrying essential tools on a carabiner.  So, it was time.  How many more reminders did I need to start putting these together?

What are “Essentials” kits?  Sometimes, when you are out grabbing some quick caches or on a numbers run, you don’t need a full Geocaching gear pack.  You just need…. The essentials!  I thought these would make good stocking stuffers or items for raffles.  This is a good starter kit for newer cachers and Scouts.  Plus, since most of the items are inexpensive, you can make a few to have onhand at all times.

To make sure I didn’t miss anything, I even put the question out on the Southeastern Michigan Geocaching Group.  These were the suggestions they had (I will continue to update this list as suggestions arise):

  • Mini pen and/or pencil
  • Tweezers
  • Small blade for making other tools or sharpening pencils
  • Spare log paper
  • Batteries (if using a hand-held GPSr).
  • Path tags
  • Log roller (or DougPeterson’s Famous Extraction Tool featured in this cache description)
  • Contact card with cacher name plus emergency info
  • Single-serving sunscreen
  • Band-aide
  • Tick key and poison ivy wipe

I also intend to compile a list for Geocaching Gear Packs. Keep in mind that the contents of either the pack or the kit will vary based on geography, climate, personal preferences, etc.

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