Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Cemetery Visit: Greenwood

Friday night TaGeez and I solved a wonderful onsite puzzle cache called Presidential Series: The Hobby We Enjoy. It was in Historic Greenwood Cemetery in Birmingham.

As much as I enjoyed the puzzle, I enjoyed the cemetery more. Greenwood Cemetery is nestled in a very affluent neighborhood. It contains a great variety of stones including several zinc monuments (you can see the particulars at

It also contains several very impressive statues - the most famous is the Leaping Gazelle resting above the headstone of its famous creator, Marshall Fredericks. Fredericks used to have a studio several streets over. Besides the Greenwood Cemetery, you can locally see other renditions of his Leaping Gazelle at the Detroit Zoo and Scripps Conservatory on Belle Isle.

In the attached montage: me solving the puzzle, the Leaping Gazelle, and a baby hippo statue resting near a headstone.

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