Monday, October 7, 2013

Belle Isle Cleanup was a Clean Sweep!

Yesterday was a fun day…. Attended a CITO (Cache In Trash Out) event on Belle Isle.  As part of our efforts to help and not hurt nature, we have clean-ups and weed-pulling gatherings.  This one was the 14th cleanup on Belle Isle where you can find anything from alcohol bottles to used tires to car parts to less savory things. 

This year, TaGeez brought his Godson, GeoTrainee, to the great cleanup as part of his geocaching merit badge.  GT is on the road to becoming an Eagle Scout and was very fearless throughout the cleanup!

We were responsible for several miles of backroad on the Isle and were so fast that we turned around and helped another family.  This is TaGeez (also fearless during the cleanup) taking a well-deserved break.

In fact, we were so fast that we finished early and were able to take GT out to Start Your Engines – one of the oldest caches in Wayne County and in Michigan!  He found it himself!

Afterwards, we gave GT a tour of the Isle (he’s never been!), and I was thrilled when he asked to stop at the Anna Scripps Conservatory!  I love this place, but it’s normally not on my family’s radar!

Afterwards, we headed to River Rogue to see the SS Columbia (see prior post) and then off to dinner in Mexicantown at Xochimilco’s.  It was an awesome day of firsts!

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