Friday, September 11, 2015

JASMER Wizard!


He did it!  TaGeez completed his JASMER grid on a trip to Chicago Saturday.  
Beverly GC28 in the bag! Congratulations, Sweetie!  Well earned!

Very hot day near Chicago

More pictures of our exciting adventure with AstroEricJ shortly!


To celebrate our successful JASMERs, I bought a geocoin for myself and TaGeez.  You can see each month of the year referenced as well as the journey from 2000 to present.  Isn't it beautiful?  It took forever to take a decent picture of its highly reflective surface (It's sitting on top of my car on a cloudy day).

While at Beverly, TaGeez and I sent out proxies of our new geocoins.  They wish to visit the oldest caches in each state and year 200 geocaches, respectively.

Original geocoin and proxy

How do you feel about proxies?

This is my first proxy, and I must admit that I have mixed feelings about them.  

On one hand, I've had too many trackables "go missing" after a very short travel life.  I would say, of all the trackables I've sent out, less than 10% might still be active.  Most are marked missing after one or two stops. 

However, a proxy (an inexpensive representation of the original geocoin) is not exciting to find in a cache. I'll discover them and move them along but find no real joy in handling them.  I wouldn't go out of my way to help it on a mission.

Is it better to just save my geocoin to my collection and not send a proxy out at all?  Or do I make an effort to replace my missing trackables with proxies to see them moving again? How do you feel?

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