Saturday, September 26, 2015

MGA15 Picnic - Lake Erie Metropark

Just wanted to share some pictures of the latest MGA15 (Metropark/Michigian Geocaching Adventure) picnic in September. It was an absolutely stunning day in my favorite Huron Metropark. TaGeez and I spent the day with WikidKriket and friends.

Lake Erie Metropark - our view upon arrival

Kriket ran into Maizie

scrapcat always taking pictures
[Source: WikidIriket]

Freighter on the horizon

Portah, Alona Spiegel, Team Gate, TaGeez, and WikidKriket

I won a first-to-find: Saturn GC62H6P

TaGeez and Team Gates

[Source: Team Gates]

Bet you can't guess what we're looking for!
Heading off to another part of the park
Alona Spiegel and Team Gates are good sports

MGA15 Picnic Attendees

Kriket and TaGeez waiting for the potluck

Team FRL won a paracord dog leash
Kriket trying it out on TaGeez
Nothing keeps him out of trouble, though.

After a lovely morning of geocaching and potlucking, we headed out to several of the nearby Huron Metroparks for additional MGA caching.



Ninjas at Lower Huron

TaGeez for the find

Team FRL in our matching shirts
Now onto Mexican food in Royal Oak!

Funny postscript to our day:

At the end of the potluck, we tiredly left the park leaving our chairs behind. The Seed Spreaders sent us a ransom note! All in good fun, and they were kind enough to drive up to Southfield and drop them off. Geocachers are the best people!

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