Thursday, September 8, 2016

Eye-Opening Earth Caches

Received an email from this week that Sunday, October 9th is International EarthCache Day. Find an EarthCache and earn a souvenir!

I must admit, I’ve not been a fan of EarthCaches in the past. Apparently geology is not my strong suit, and you can only appreciate so many rocks and vernal ponds. That all changed when TaGeez and I took a road trip with Ratspazum 2 years ago. We visited several phenomenal Earth Caches including a Presidential mausoleum, Tinker’s Creek and Squires Castle.

Things only improved traveling with AstroEricJ last year. On a trip through Chicago, through the Wisconsin Dells and down the Mississippi via Minnesota and Iowa, we experience Cliffside caves used as refrigeration units, an Artesian Well, and huge kilns built into the side of a hill. Awe-inspiring!

Now I find I’m searching them out, but, honestly, I’m still a little biased. I like EarthCaches that are somehow integrated with Architecture like the Chicago Water Tower or Detroit’s Masonic Temple.

I’m grateful to afishoutawater for focusing on EarthCaches during our recent Labor Day adventure. We made seven stops this time (and, woot! Another Artesian Well! Are you brave enough to take a sip at one? TaGeez and I have drunk at the four we’ve found so far).

So we will be on the road in October for another. We may have to go on a road trip as we’ve practically cleared out our area. Maybe a good excuse to head to the other side of the state.

Grand Rapids, anyone?


Earth Cache Kits

I will totally admit that we were not very prepared for the Earth Caches on this trip (we really did fly by the seat of our pants). If you were to create a basic Earth Cache kit (knowing that it would never be all-inclusive), what would you add?

·        PH Testing Kit (don’t use the kits for testing mead – trust me)
·        Tape Measure (get a long one – they are cheap at the dollar store)
·        Thermometer (and not the kind for humans, right Eric?)
·        ?????

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  1. What fun! And what great spots you a finding. Hope you get your medallion!


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