Sunday, September 11, 2016

Labor Day Adventure: US 23 Heritage Trail I


Summer is waning, and TaGeez & I needed an adventure. All summer long we've been watching our friends visit the US 23 Heritage Tour along Lake Huron. That seemed a perfect antidote for cabin fever. 

Sunshine, geocaching, siteseeing over the Labor Day weekend. We reached out to afishoutawater and then lassoed ShelleyJean as our fourth. Time for a road trip!  There's too much fabulousness to contain it into one post! Site back and share our adventure with us!

US 23 Discovery Tour Geocaches
And, boy! What an adventure it turned out to be! With very little pre-planning (we booked hotels and such - we're not fools), we met after work on Friday and headed (with trillions of our friends) North. Can you guess that we cached all the way?

TCO Pure Evil No Rest for the Wicked GC4TCX1
afishoutawater, ShelleyJean, TaGeez and Scrapcat

Here's ShelleyJean with her first traveling cache, ABC's. Remember it? Last you saw it, it was an ammo can. Rude surprise for the CO. Shelley hid it up in Mackinaw City two days later.

ShelleyJean with ABC's GCCD54
After a few Virtuals and park-and-grabs, we moseyed into the Bay Valley Hotel & Resort before dinner at Lucky's Steakhouse.

Poor, TaGeez. Waiting for the relaxing part to start.

It was a pretty hotel set alongside a river that ran through a golf course.

After dinner, afishoutawater suggested this really cool cache on the river. It's within site of a ship museum. I have vowed to return to Bay City one day to see this behemoth in daylight! The nearby caches were pretty cool.

Search and Destroy GC4DVK7

For an unplanned adventure, we packed so much into it! And as we rolled into a lighted downtown (oh, so pretty!), we came across our first discovery of the weekend... 

...the Bay City Chalk Walk!

Not sure why, but I feel an affinity for this one

I didn't drive him to this! Oh, wait... guess I was driving. Glad we did the u-turn and stopped for a visit.

SOURCE: ShelleyJean --Shelley, let me apologize 
now if I forget to credit you for a photo.

Final stop for the night was the Friendship Fountain (GC6GPPR). Jimmy Fallon called it "The Toilet Seat"! Can you guess why? 

afishoutofwater, scrapcat, and ShelleyJean

Bay City was such a cute town. They were showing Mamma Mia! outdoors on the big screen behind the Ring and the plaza was jammed with locals enjoying the gorgeous weather. This was a wonderful start to an amazing weekend.

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