Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year (Events)!

New Years is a fabulous time in Southeastern Michigan!

Wrapping up the year with a bang is Frito Bandito's Ring Out the New Year. Finger foods and desserts, puzzle-building and card playing, geocachers and friends. And to top it off, we rung in the new year with a sparkling toast and a First-to-Find puzzle.

Ring Out the Old Year GC6XVJ7
One of the highlights was SCOOK and CITOcacher's gingerbread ammo can! What an absolute hoot! And they filled it with handmade fortune cookies with geocaching fortunes! Mine said You will find another cache within an hour. Well, I solved a puzzle cache within an hour - close enough!  At midnight, the youngest attendees were allowed to smash this sweet treat with a mallet!

Amazing ammo-can Gingerbread house by SCOOK and CITOcacher!

With a few hours sleep under our belt, TaGeez and I headed off to gsix5666's HNY17-8th Annual New Years Day M&G. Breakfast, raffles, and socializing at the Painted Turtle in Roseville. WOW! So many faces I hadn't seen in awhile. Everyone was out because it was a sunny, warm Winter Sunday. Alas, I didn't win one of the kayaks, but, otherwise, the day was perfect.

Around noon, we were sent out into the world to hunt for the 275 brand new caches. TaGeez and I contributed 11 of them: the John R Jumble.

HNY17 - John R Jumbles

 The hint is in the name: HNY17 - John R Jumble: Fartfic Loep = Traffic Pole

TaGeez and I enjoyed a leisurely run that included 16 finds including 10 FTF's and lunch at the fabulous Green Lantern pizza on Utica. Perfectly fabulous!


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